Instant access to real-time incident information, routing and location data. Plus a whole host of other features and tools emergency responders use every day.


Real time dispatch information

User-definable Push Notifications

Turn by turn directions from current location to the incident using Google or Apple Maps

Up-to-date protocols and drug formularies, pushed out real-time to responders

Automatically presents closest hospital location with quick touch dialing of emergency departments

Routing, distance and travel time for current location to all San Luis Obispo area hospitals

Agency News Feeds

GCS Calculator


Pandemic Flu/Nuclear Disaster Response Plans

Push notification capable for instant alerts of major incidents or critical information from the EMS Division

iPhone, iPad versions


Immediate access to the latest incident information with one touch turn-by-turn routing

Incident Log keeps track of every call for review of recent incidents or the previous shift

Immediate access to the closest hospital with one-touch dialing, distance and turn-by-turn routing